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 S.P.A.R.K.® tactical mounting system
Adaptive fastening system S.P.A.R.K. (acronym for "Speed ​​Pouch Attachment and Replacement Kit" ) is a patented system by VELMET.This system is fully compatible with the classic MOLLE / PALS system and is used in situations where rapid replacement or dropping of equipment (first aid kits, totals, modular panels, etc.) is required. The system is made of strong and elastic polymers, resistant to mechanical and temperature changes. S.P.A.R.K. available with elastic and rigid mount.VELMET uses S.P.A.R.K. in the line of tactical equipment for usage in special units where there is a need ..
The world’s main classes of balistic protection
The main characteristic of the bulletproof vest is the protection class. Unfortunately, there is still no single worldwide recognized classification system. Manufacturers of Ukraine focus on DSTU B 4103-2002. The class of protection is determined by the type and characteristics of the bullet (striking element), which the bulletproof vest is designed to counter. But in this article we will consider protection classes from Europe, USA, Germany, Great Britain, ChinaDSTU B 4103-2002ClassType of WeaponTest BulletWeight (g)Velocity (m/s)SpecialKnife--40 Joule19x18 mm PM GunFe Core 57-N-181s5.9315±10..
How to determine the capacity of the backpack in liters?
How to determine the capacity of the backpack in liters? Classification of backpacks by capacity in litersThere is a very simple and easy way to determine the capacity of a backpack in liters. To do this, measure the linear dimensions - the height, width and depth of the backpack, then multiply these three values. The result will be the volume of the backpack in cubic centimeters or meters (depends on the unit of measurement taken as the base).For example:    Backpack dimensions: height 0,60м, width 0,33м, depth 0,22м =>    Capacity =  0,60* 0,33 * 0,22 = 0..
Mawka Pattern - you will be noticed only when You want it … The general silhouette blur technology uses the fusion effect to mask a fighter in a variety of conditions. The development of this masking system is based on the features of human perception of visual objects. When creating the picture, the mechanisms of operation of the visual analyzers and the brain were taken into account - the way a person perceives color and shape. The main feature of MaWka camouflage is the zonal blurring of the silhouette due to the presence of several layers with reflection shadows that create the tearing ef..
Equipment for tactical mountaineering: lifetime and tips to buyersTactical mountaineering refers to high-risk operations, because it involves the risk of falling from a high altitude. That is why the use of high-quality and reliable climbing equipment is one of the first essential requirements. Today, there are rare cases when even experienced professionals ignore the basic requirements of storage and selection of equipment for tactical alpinism, which leads to tragic consequences. Compliance with the simple rules will help you to be sure in your gear, and therefore - and in your safet..
Laser Cut
Laser cutting is considered an innovative type of cutting and material processing, the main advantages of which are flawless accuracy and efficiency. The technology is based on the use of super-power laser as an energy source. Laser cutting is compatible with any materials, regardless of their chemical and thermal characteristics.Ukrainian company "VELMET" uses laser cutting when working with Hypolon and fabric.The use of this modern technology has a number of undeniable advantages:·         Quality. Using a laser beam ensures a flawless cutting ..
 IRR (infrared remission) in action
IRR (infrared remission) in actionNight vision devices are high-tech equipment that is actively used throughout the world when performing tactical and combat missions in conditions of limited visibility typical of the dark time of day. Availability of such advanced devices in service with the enemy necessitates the creation and use of military equipment that solves the task of masking in the near-infrared spectral range. That is, the main purpose of creating materials with IRR is to display the figure of a fighter and tactical equipment “broken” into parts, without clearly reflecting ..
The modular system of equipment mounting MOLLE (PALS)
The modular system of equipment mounting MOLLE (PALS)In the descriptions of tactical equipment, plate carriers, an army uniform, the abbreviation MOLLE is often found, which, in turn, is replaced by the little-known among us, but actively used in America and Europe - PALS.As a result, when choosing tactical equipment, sometimes there is a confusion, which we decided to clarify, explaining information about one of the best-in-class modular systems.MOLLE Equipment Kit - American PALS IdeaThe MOLLE abbreviation literally stands for: MO dular L ightweight L oad-carr..
Plate Carrier Perun – reliable protection!
The war with the aggressor firmly entered the Ukrainian realities, which made the issue of individual protection of fighters, who daily perform tactical, reconnaissance and combat missions in the east of our country, became especially urgent. In the first year of the conflict, many fighters were injured and passed away only because of the lack of effective static and dynamic armor.The desire to help the defenders has prompted many Ukrainian producers of tactical clothing and equipment to create a new sample slab with the most lightweight and optimized design. One of the developments p..