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Belt Tactical ZSU40 Ranger Green

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Tactical belts ZSU40 Ranger Green in Ukraine are in high demand among representatives of various professions - military, security services and private security firms.Tactical Trouser Belt will also be suitable for outdoor enthusiasts - tourists, hunters and fishermen. The military-style fashion belt will be a nice gift for patriotic youth (plastuns, scouts, etc.). The format of the online store provides for the possibility of 24-hour order processing. In our online catalog you can buy a tactical belt from VELMET at the best price.

Tactical waist belt made of thick nylon braid. It attracts with its lightness, reliability and versatility. The increased strength of the material makes it possible to carry heavy holsters and pouches but it can be adapted for many other things. High quality fabric does not change its color when exposed to water, UV rays. The  ZSU40 Ranger Green belt buckle is made of strong nylon material with a special shape and therefore provides easy adjustment and strong fix. The accessories are made of high-quality and high-impact polymeric material, free of metal elements. This guarantees the smooth passage of metal detectors when visiting mode facilities, airports and other security zones. It has no sharp angles, so it does not rub the skin and it's safe. The product can be used as a trouser belt as well as a component of unloading systems.

Among the main advantages:

  • Responds the requirements of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine - Trouser belt (abbreviated RB) for military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Availability in sizes: XXS(belt size - 60-70 см.), XS(70-80 см.), S(80-90 см.), M(90-100 см.), L(100-110 см.), XL(110-120 см.), XXL(120-130 см.)
  • Strong nylon webbing withstands heavy loads
  • Durable nylon material, with a water-repellent coating
  • The simple and reliable Velmet Plastix furniture
  • Buckle without sharp corners guarantee safety and comfort
  • Absence of metal components
  • The solid anatomical shape of the VELMET tactical strap is very comfortable
  • Belt resistant to temperature fluctuations, UV-light, mechanical stress

The tactical belt attracts with its convenience and high performance. This is a good option for military, police, security companies. We recommend the tactical belt to be used by fishermen, tourists and hunters.

The manufacturer of tactical equipment TM "VELMET" offers its products at no extra charge for the payment of services of intermediaries. The format of the online store allows you to save on rental space and minimize staff, which makes tactical belt prices even more affordable.

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