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Battle Dress Uniform V-BDU45 Coyote

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The V-BDU45 Coyote Tactical Belt is not only a popular item of equipment for representatives of law enforcement agencies, but also a stylish accessory for men who follow fashion. This practical and inexpensive belt is also in high demand among hunters, tourists and fishermen.

The tactical belt is made of thick nylon braid. It attracts with its lightness, reliability and versatility. The increased strength of the material makes it possible to  wear heavy holsters and pouches on the tactical belt. The color of the product remains unchanged even with intensive machine wash, as well as during exposure to the sun and prolonged mechanical stress. Easy to use COBRA® Frame buckle by AustriAlpin inc. buckle provides ease of adjustment of length and strong fixing. The buckle is made of high quality polymer compounds, so it will not cause delays when checking the metal detector at the entrance to all types of security zones and during check-in at the airport. It has no sharp edges, so it does not rub the skin and it's safe. Nylon is resistant to tearing and mechanical stress. The product can be used as a trouser belt as well as a component of Load Bearing Equipment.

Main advantages:

  • Durable nylon material, with a water-repellent coating
  • Functional and reliable COBRA® Frame buckle
  • No metal components - not scanned by metal detectors
  • Accessories without sharp edges guarantee safety and comfort
  • The tactical belt has a solid anatomical shape, without rough seams
  • Fabric resistant to friction, temperature fluctuations, sunlight, mechanical stress
  • Affordable price. It is advantageous to buy a tactical belt in the Velmet store
  • The thought-over structure of a belt differs in a combination of laconicism and high operational characteristics.

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