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In 2020, the VELMET company began to produce armor elements of 1 and 2 protection levels according to DSTU 8782: 2018, as well as elements of tactical protective equipment (including explosion-proof equipment) from Dyneema® ballistic fabric.What is Dyneema? Its advantages, characteristicsDyneema is a high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (HPPE marking) that is produced using a unique fiber synthesis process called "gel spinning" or "gel spinning".Dyneema® is a registered trademark of DSM NV for UHMWPE fiber. There are different names (abbreviations) of ultra-high molecular weight polyethyle..
Velmet Plastix
Velmet Plastix - own production of plastic fittingsThe Velmet Company in the manufacture of military equipment uses high-quality fittings of its own production:        Inserts of stiffness for tactical backpacks        Inserts into pouches         Belt buckles for trousers        Fastex locks for straps, backpacks and bagsAs the main material we use thermoplastics of the new generation - polyamide 6 (kaprolone) and polyamide 66. The undeniable advantages of these materials are their high ..
The history of SSAB Company began in 1978; the abbreviation of the brand is translated as "Swedish steel". Today, SSAB is one of the most powerful steel enterprises in Europe. The well-known brand has offices in more than 50 world countries and produces 8,800,000 tons of steel per year. The main activity of the company is the development of heavy-duty steel grades, as well as the implementation of technologies for further improving the technical and operational characteristics of metals. SSAB is a well-known supplier of thick and thin sheets, rolled tubes and coils, structural steel pr..
VELCROThe history of the company Velcro BVBA begins in 1941. That is when its future founder, the Swiss electrical engineer Georges de Mestral, invented a unique Velcro fastener. Innovative development was officially patented in the mid-50s and quickly gained great popularity. Contact tape ("Velcro") works on the principle of burdock. One part of it consists of miniature hooks, the other - from mini loops. Gradually, contact fasteners have become a common alternative to more traditional buttons, zippers, and lacing.Today, the word «Velcro» is the common name for this type of fasteners, ..
Murdock Webbing®
Murdock Webbing®The history of Murdock Webbing dates back to 1936. According to its founder, Frederick Murdock, he was inspired by the territorial proximity to the city of Pawtucket to open his own business. It was here in 1792 that the first factory in America was built. At the beginning of the Murdock Webbing, there were only two machines at the disposal of ten people. The enterprise was actively developing and as evidenced of that were large volumes of supplies of military ammunition during the Second World War and the Vietnam War. It was then that the company began experiments on ..
Due Emme (2M)®
Plastic Buckles and Thermoplastic Components Due Emme is the market leader in design, manufacture and sales of thermoplastic components for clothing, work wear, medical, stationery, childhood, leather and military sectors. Since 1979 Due Emme offers a full range of original accessories and cost effective products in respect of Made in Italy high quality standards, thanks to the combination of experience, technology and design. From Military Components to buckles for Children From buckles for children to military components, from hooks for backpacks to self..
Cordura® Nyco - cotton comfort and nylon durability!
Cordura® Nyco is an innovative material from Invista, which currently, like most products of this brand, has no analogues all over the world. Many of us had to deal with Cordura® fabric products, which brought fame and recognition to the brand among representatives of the target audience (military, police, tourists, extreme lovers, etc.). Today we will take a closer look at the material Cordura® Nyco, which is a worthy alternative to polycotton and cotton fabrics, is actively used for sewing tactical and civilian clothing.Cordura® Nyco Material: Technology FeaturesCordura® Nyco is a m..
Velcro Textile Fasteners
Velcro hook and loop fastenerTechnical progress does not stand still, and every day in the world there are various discoveries in a particular area of human activity. Some inventions get used to immediately; others remain unclaimed for a long time. Textile fastener is an innovation that was a breakthrough in the clothing and footwear industry of the XX century. Earlier, zippers, hooks, buttons, various types of lacing were used to fix items of clothing and shoes, which were not always distinguished by convenience and practicality. The progressive invention of the Swiss designerThe history..
Cordura material: conjectures and facts
Often on thematic forums and in social nets between opponents are tough debates about Cordura. It is not surprising that since from the beginning fighting in the east of our country, firms that produce bags, holsters, backpacks, body armor began to appear like mushrooms after rain. It is fun and sad at the same time (it’s very disappointing for our soldiers and volunteers, who often come upon fakes and just poor-quality products) to hear phrases like “our Cordura is better than … smb’s” , “we sew our products from REAL DuPont Cordura”, etc. We understand that such words are nothing mor..
HYPALON synthetic elastomer: chemical properties, manufacturing technology, material application area New tactical equipment from Velmet! Hypalon® is the commercial name of a polyethylene elastomer (polychlorosulfate) developed in the 1950s by specialists from DuPont, which was established as a commonly used name for a group of HSPE materials. Currently, DuPont has suspended production of Hypalon® material, but the technology has been adopted by other brands that supply the world market with HSPE modifications that are significantly different in their properties and applica..