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Velcro BVBA is a privately held company that produces fasteners and other products. It is known for being the original patentor of the hook-and-loop fastener. - https://www.velcro.com/..
Murdock Webbing®
Murdock Webbing® - In 1792, the first textile factory in the United States was established. Murdock Webbing has been supplying the military since the early 1940s. We create jacquard woven, durable, double-sided webbing that is offered at a competitive price. Our variety of camo patterns are always constructed with the highest quality Berry Amendment compliant materials. Jacquard woven camouflage patterns will not fade away due to abrasion like printed options, securing the longevity of the product. We also offer value-added options including NanoSphere®, nIR technology, silicone ..
Due Emme (2M)®
Plastic Buckles and Thermoplastic Components Due Emme is the market leader in design, manufacture and sales of thermoplastic components for clothing, work wear, medical, stationery, childhood, leather and military sectors. Since 1979 Due Emme offers a full range of original accessories and cost effective products in respect of Made in Italy high quality standards, thanks to the combination of experience, technology and design. From Military Components to buckles for Children From buckles for children to military components, from hooks for backpacks to self..
Cordura® Nyco - cotton comfort and nylon strength!
Velcro Textile Fasteners
Материал «Cordura»: домыслы и факты
 Нередко на тематических форумах и в социальных сетях между оппонентами точатся жесткие споры по поводу Кордуры. Оно и не удивительно, ведь с момента начала боевых действий на Востоке нашей страны, фирмы, производящие подсумки, кобуры, рюкзаки, бронежилеты стали возникать, как грибы после дождя. Весело и одновременно грустно (очень обидно за наших воинов и волонтеров, которые нередко натыкаются на откровенные подделки и просто некачественную продукцию) слышать такие фразы – «наша кордура лучше, чем у …», «мы шьем свои изделия из НАСТОЯЩЕЙ дюпонтовской кордуры» и т. п. Мы п..
HYPALON synthetic elastomer: chemical properties, manufacturing technology, material application area New tactical equipment from Velmet! Hypalon® is the commercial name of a polyethylene elastomer (polychlorosulfate) developed in the 1950s by specialists from DuPont, which was established as a commonly used name for a group of HSPE materials. Currently, DuPont has suspended production of Hypalon® material, but the technology has been adopted by other brands that supply the world market with HSPE modifications that are significantly different in their properties and applica..