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Mawka Pattern - you will be noticed only when You want it … The general silhouette blur technology uses the fusion effect to mask a fighter in a variety of conditions. The development of this masking system is based on the features of human perception of visual objects. When creating the picture, the mechanisms of operation of the visual analyzers and the brain were taken into account - the way a person perceives color and shape. The main feature of MaWka camouflage is the zonal blurring of the silhouette due to the presence of several layers with reflection shadows that create the tearing ef..
 Velmet military - online army store in Ukraine
VELMET is a Ukrainian manufacturer of high-quality tactical equipment, gear and equipment for shooting galleries that meet current military standards. We have our own production facilities with modern high-tech equipment, formed by a staff of professionals who are willing and willing to work on the result! VELMET products have been supplied to the domestic market of Ukraine since 2014. Today, we continue to work with Ukrainian customers and actively explore global markets.VELMET:· Customer focus.· Professional approach.· Competitive prices.Why us?We are focused on long-term and mutually benefi..