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Target gravitational Popper

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Target Gravitation Popper is a new product in the assortment of the Ukrainian manufacturer Velmet, which will be a good addition to the arsenal of target equipment for professional shooting range or a platform for shooting exercises equipped on a military training ground.

A key feature of the model presented from the set of legendary Poppers is the lack of necessity to lift the target after each shot (the target "tongue" returns to its initial position under the influence of gravity), which allows the maximum effective use of the time allocated for personnel training. Gravitational targets of this type are actively used in military exercises, practical shooting competitions, for training and entertaining shooting in the range.

Target Gravity Popper: Features and Advantages

  • High quality of materials. Velmet  steel ARM550 is used to manufacture the target equipment. After giving the desired shape, a target gets hardened by using a special technology - Triplex, which allows receiving a metal target with a hard outer shell and softer inner layer.
  • Reliability and durability. Target Gravity Popper, whose price is affordable for a wide range of consumers, is characterized by high strength, resistance to mechanical effects and is suitable for operation in intensive mode.
  • Ease of use. The target "tongue" is fixed on a stable stand, which prevents the equipment from tumbling over under the influence of external factors. The sound of metal impact is heard perfectly from the shooter position. Under the action of gravity, the target returns to its starting position without the help of shooter or instructor, which allows you to optimize the training process.

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4 043 грн.

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