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Target-gong Mini pepper-popper on a square stand

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Mini Pepper Popper Gong target on a square stand is a metal gong target with armored steel from the Ukrainian manufacturer Velmet, has long and well established itself in the rifle union and among the service members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Target equipment made of hardened steel allows you to get excellent results when working out the accuracy of shots in the shooting range and during military exercises in training areas.

Important Benefits of the Mini Pepper Popper Gong target on a square stand

Velmet is always ready to offer its customers target shooting equipment that meets Ukrainian and world quality standards. We are constantly working on developing new and improving previously created gong targets models.

Steel target Mini Pepper Popper Gong target on a square stand, which you can purchase at a convenient time in our online store, has many positive aspects. Here are the main ones:

  • The equipment is made of ARM550 steel and hardened using our own “triplex” technology at the final stage of production. The main advantage of this solution is the prevention of the spread of cracks and chips on the working surface, which allows to increase the durability of the target, to ensure the preservation of the original qualities and product appearance for a long time.
  • The surface of the products is coated with a high-quality dye, which provides additional protection against environmental factors and makes the target visible from a distance.
  • Gong targets are made of armor steel, proof against a bullet of caliber 338 (not armor-piercing), fired at a muzzle velocity of 980 m / s. The minimum gong shooting range is 200 meters.
  • Supplied with a stand which includes: two iron square stands and two sets of metal hardware.
  • You can also purchase the S04 Mini Popper Classic Target System, on which you can install the Mini Pepper-Popper.

Buy metal targets gongs for shooting in Ukraine.

Using the convenient functionality of the Velmet online store, you can purchase gong targets, and target installations, there is no doubt about the quality of either the experts or the active military personnel. For more information about products, terms of order and delivery, you can find out by contacting the managers of our virtual army surplus store!


  • The size of the target is 700 x 200 mm
  • The diameter of the upper part is 200 mm
  • Thickness - 10 mm
  • Material - armored steel Velmet ARMOR ARM-550
  • Weight - 7.7 kg

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Target-gong Mini pepper-popper on a square stand
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