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Tactical helmet glasses TREVIX

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TREVIX tactical goggles are designed to protect the eyes from splinters, debris, dust, dirt, weather.
Polycarbonate lenses with a thickness of 3.0 mm provide protection against ballistic and mechanical debris: all light filters, both main (CLEAR) and additional (ORANGE, GRAY) provide protection against damage by imitators of debris with a typical weight of 1.1 g and a speed of at least 180- 200 m / s, from a distance of 5 m; according to the methodology of the NATO STANAG 2920 standard, V50 = not less than 260 m / s (simulators of fragments with a typical mass of 0.325 g, from a distance of 3.8 m)

Basic equipment:

  1. Polyamide frame with foam elements
  2. Polycarbonate lenses: transparent, yellow and dark
  3. Soft case for glasses
  4. Case for the whole set
  5. Operating Instructions

Characteristics of TREVIX protective ballistic glasses:

  • The ventilation system prevents fogging, preventing dust and sand;
  • Ability to place a diopter system with corrective lenses;
  • Resistance of lenses to blurring and scratches is provided by a special covering;
  • The elastic material of the frame promotes a tight and comfortable fit to the face;
  • Ability to quickly change the lenses, taking into account different lighting conditions (transparent - the main; yellow - in the fog and to increase contrast; dark - in bright sunlight);
  • The low profile provides compatibility with helmets, various surveillance devices and PNV
  • No optical distortion
  • UV protection types A and B

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Ballistic Helmet Goggles TREVIX
1 642 грн.