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Gift certificate for 300 UAH

Gift certificate for 300 UAH

300 грн.
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Payment in installments

Gift certificate for 300 UAH. - this is a pre-payment that allows you to purchase goods from the "VELMET" store.

How To Use The Gift Certificate

  1. If you are paying with a certificate, be sure to enter its unique number at the checkout stage and notify your manager when you confirm your order.
  2. You can only purchase a single purchase using a certificate. When you make a purchase, the certificate's face value is written off in full.
  3. The cash equivalent certificate is not refundable.
  4. Certificate validity is one year from the moment of purchase. At the end of the year from the moment of purchase - payment of goods by means of a gift certificate is not possible, the certificate is blocked.
  5. Certificates are sold at nominal price.
  6. Certificates of exchange and return are non-refundable.
  7. When you pay for a purchase using gift certificates, you can use one or more certificates, the same or different denominations.
  8. When you pay for a purchase using a gift certificate, the purchase amount is included in the general history of the buyer's savings.
  9. The redeemed gift certificates will not be redeemed.
  10. If the purchase amount exceeds the gift certificate amount, it is possible to make an additional payment.
  11. If the purchase amount is lower than the gift certificate amount, no difference in cash will be paid.
  12. The gift certificate is accepted as a payment only in the online store "VELMET"

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300 грн.

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