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Spartan Weight Training Vest 9 kg Coyote

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VELMET Spartan Weighted Vest 9 kg.

Velmet fitness vests are used for intensive exercises on parallel bars, horizontal bars, while running and cardio exercises.

The use of Spartan Vest Plate Carrier for sports in the training process leads to:

  • Increasing Strength and endurance. In any exercise, the more weight is used, the stronger the muscles have to adapt to large weight, develop strength and muscle endurance.
  • The cardiovascular system begins to operate in overload mode due to additional weight, which leads to strengthening of the lungs and an increase in VO2 Max (the value shows the body’s ability to consume oxygen), as well as a decrease in the lactate threshold (the threshold, after overcoming which, during intensive exercises, the salt of lactic acid begins to accumulate in the blood).
  • Additional load will create new bone material in response to the body's need for skeleton reinforcement.

VELMET Spartan Weighted Vest 9 kg features

  • weight: 9kg
  • even cargo distribution
  • the ability to adjust the elastic cumberbands for comfortable breathing at the time of peak loads;
  • use of high quality materials;
  • functional fit to size;
  • multipurpose vest design (front and back are identical)

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