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Buckle COBRA® PRO STYLE 25 mm

Buckle COBRA® PRO STYLE 25 mm

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The COBRA® PRO STYLE is a buckle that meets the highest safety requirements. When relieved the buckle can only be through pressing both clips at the same time. The locking mechanism makes one-sided locking of the buckle nearly impossible and is confirmed by a distinct ‘clicking’ sound.

The locking mechanism of the COBRA® PRO STYLE is an evolution of the COBRA® THE ORIGINAL mechanism which allows easier engagement of the interlocking components and more flexibility when closed. In addition, a larger cut-out on the backside of the COBRA® PRO STYLE prevents dirt, dust, ice or snow from getting caught in the buckle, which increases the extreme performance capabilities and lifetime even more.

Thanks to the identical locking mechanism, all COBRA® PRO STYLE sizes are compatible. In combination with a fitting webbing, the minimum guaranteed load capacity is 18 kN in loop configuration. The COBRA® PRO STYLE is characterized itself by the high flexibility between the male and female parts while the buckle is closed.

Key features:

  • Material - aluminum alloy
  • Standarts - EN358:2018-11 (partial), EN ISO 9227
  • Weight - 53 g
  • Length, mm - 60
  • Width, mm - 40
  • Breaking load loop configuration  , (kN) - 18
  • Breaking load tensile strength  , (kN) - 9
  • Recommended webbing width, mm - 25
  • Patended
  • Single piece tested

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451 грн.

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