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Tactical Drop Leg Holster DLH-1 Ranger Green

905 грн.
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The DLH-1 Drop Leg Holster Ranger Green is used for carrying short-barreled weapons by police, security personnel, and security companies. This type of tactical equipment is compatible with medium and large size pistols.Thanks to the Velcro fastener, you can adapt the product to the dimensions of specific firearms. The platform is worn to the outside of the thigh, which is (according to experts and users themselves) the most convenient position for the rapid release of weapons.

The Drop Leg Holster is made of modern Cordura material, which is based on a strong weave of nylon fibers. This gives the product increased strength and durability. The fabric has a moisture- and oil-proof coating, as well as special protection against infrared radiation (due to which the holster is not recognized by thermal imagers). The platform uses Italian DUE Emme accessories, which are known for their functionality and reliability. The velcro fasteners of the Belgian brand Alfatex are of impeccable quality and ease of use..

The pistol platform is designed for using in extreme weather conditions (-60C… + 60C), does not become stiff in the cold and does not fade in the sun. UThe use of this tactical accessory significantly reduces the load on the thigh of the shooter, by increasing the area of ​​contact with the body. This not only prevents uncomfortable feelings, but also prevents uncontrolled displacement of weapons. The gun holds firmly even with heavy movements. The upper semi-rigid panel protects the weapon from scratches, moisture and contamination. The pistol holster is attached in the upper part to the waist belt, in the lower part it is fixed with the help of elastic braid and Fastex lock. The holster platform is equipped with the MOLLE system, which has a dual function (attaching the holster to military equipment or attaching small accessories to the platform itself).

Main advantages:

  • Durable Cordura 500 fabric
  • Velcro fasteners for width adjustment
  • Durable water repellent (DWR) and IR protection
  • Possibility of attachment to army equipment
  • Affordable price from the manufacturer of tactical equipment

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