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VDB1 Cobra Tactical Belt

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VDB1 Cobra Tactical Belt​ is intended for professional use by representatives of law enforcement agencies - military, security guards, police. IThe product is perfect for carrying holsters with weapons, pouches, handcuffs, flashlight, etc.

The belt is made of Cordura fabric (which is obtained from heavy duty nylon yarns with hard weave). The advantage of this type of fabric is the double resistance to friction, the ability to withstand significant mechanical stress, high durability characteristics. The unmatched strength of the material is well combined with its lightness and flexibility. Due to this tactical belts do not deform or shrink, retain their bright color. The fabric has a special water- and dirt-repellent coating on top. As a substrate, a fleecy velcro fabric is used, which is well suited for fastening to Load Bearing belts.

The Fastex plastic buckle has a reliable triple-lock, so this belt will never accidentally open. The manufacturer provides the ability to adjust the length of the belt. Today VELMET belts are available in three sizes (small, medium, large). Depending on this, the maximum length of the product varies in the range of 80-110 cm. Thanks to the special treatment, this model of tactical belts has protection against IRR.

Main advantages:

  • The belt is made of Cordura fabric which resistance to mechanical stress.
  • The belt is light and flexible, very comfortable to use.
  • Triple buckle lock.
  • An opportunity to buy a tactical belt in several sizes.
  • Protection against IRR
  • Adjustable length.
  • The best price for the tactical belt, because the manufacturer always offers the lowest cost.

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301 грн.