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Tourniquet Pouch TP-1 SOFTT and CAT Coyote

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The tourniquet pouch Coyote VELMET was developed by the specialists of the Ukrainian brand in order to obtain a reliable and durable tactical accessory for the placement and transportation of hemostatic ropes of type C.A. T. (Combat Application Tourniquet). The pouch can also be used to store items of similar size - multifunctional knives, multitools, lanterns, etc.

The functions of the side panels are placed on wide strips of wear-resistant elastic material (two on each side). This design solution allows you to place objects in the pouch of a slightly larger size. The cells of the universal MOLLE fastening system are placed side by side, complemented by a locking strap. The tourniquet pouch VELMET, which can now be bought at a bargain price from the manufacturer, is easily, conveniently, reliably attached to the basic tactical equipment, pants belt.

Key features:

• Wide side panels (two on each side) of wear-resistant elastic nylon.

• The MOLLE cells and an additional lanyard are placed on the outer rear part, which allows the tourniquet pouch to be conveniently and securely fixed on the main equipment or belt.

• Tactical accessory is closed with a valve with a textile clasp.

• Materials - wear-resistant nylon (sling); textile fasteners Velcro® (manufactured by Alfatex, Belgium).

• Linear dimensions of the product (fixation of the valve in the middle position) H / W / T, cm - 13 x 5 x 4.

• Weight, g - 45.

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120 грн.

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