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Universal pouches in Ukraine are in great demand, as a convenient and practical equipment for placement of ammunition. Thanks to the well-thought-out product design, the fastest access is ensured; the magazines are safely kept inside during storage and transportation. The use of innovative technologies and modern fabrics allows the VELMET Company to produce products of the European level of quality, but at prices that are more loyal.

The shortened pouch is designed for systems such as AR magazines. Unlike traditional models, this option is designed for horizontal placement on the belt, as well as for fastening under the bumpers of plate carriers, various types of body armor, bags and backpacks. Left- and right-hand location of this type of equipment is possible. Universal shortened pouch Coyote is in demand among representatives of law enforcement agencies, and among fans of active sports - airsoft, paintball.

The product uses Cordura 500 material (heavy-duty nylon), plastic accessories from the domestic Velmet brand. The fastening system is distinguished by maximum simplicity and reliability and is a strong connection between the placket and nylon slings. Army pouch can be hung on tactical equipment and clothing, taking into account the individual characteristics and preferences of a particular military or sportsman.

Plastic inserts inside the product are not cut off and have push-button fasteners at the bottom. The insert does not move, so the pouch has become even more convenient. Thanks to the semi-rigid construction and assembly of clamps the retention of stores is characterized by increased reliability. Ammunition is kept static during active movements, skydiving, crossing of various obstacles, running. If necessary, it is possible to order additional rubber bands with clamps, to ensure even greater static.

The pouch for the assault rifle is ideal for using in extreme conditions, resistant to friction, mechanical impact, temperature difference. The fabric is resistant to engine oil and water, not seen by thermal imagers (protection from infrared rays). The cells are used to attach compact elements of military equipment. On this site you can order and buy army pouch, made in several colors.

The consultants of the Velmet online store are ready to provide extended information on products, help in making a successful choice with considering your personal needs and preferences.

The AR FM-SF-G Coyote: key features

• Polymer side panels with increased resistance to mechanical, thermal effects (retain excellent performance at -60 ° C ... + 60 ° C).

• MOLLE cells, textile fasteners "loops" on the front panel.

• 2 drainage holes (metal eyelet) for draining moisture are placed in the bottom.

• Mounting system MOLLE with additional clamps (located on the rear panel).

• Materials - wear-resistant nylon 500D; polymer panels (own production VELMET),

• Material handling - DWR (provides resistance to moisture, oily substances); IRR (responsible for the invisibility of tactical equipment in the IR spectrum).

• Linear dimensions of the product (without a removable valve), H / W / T, cm - 12 x 7 x 3.

• Weight, g - 130.

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