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Pouch for hand grenades GP-01 with fastex MaWka ®

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The pouch for hand grenade with fastex  MaWka ®  is a tactical accessory developed by the designers of the Ukrainian brand VELMET for the placement and convenient transportation of hand grenades such as F-1, RGD-5, F1, M67, etc.

A volumetric flap with fastex provides comprehensive protection of the grenade from external influences. Extension loop made of wear-resistant nylon slings provides the convenience of opening a tactical accessory, allows you to quickly access the content of a pouch. Inside the product on the side panels there are two cells from the slings for fuse fixation.

Pouch for hand grenades GP-01G2: design features

• It is closed by a volumetric flap with fastex and an extension cord (nylon sling).

• Equipped with 2 cells made of textile slings placed on the inside of the side panels.

• Semi-rigid rear panel a handbag for hand grenade is attached to the main equipment due to the MOLLE system with clamps.

• There is a drainage hole at the bottom of the product.

• Materials - Cordura® 500D base fabric; furniture - 2M (Italy).

• Additional material processing - IRR (masks the pouch in the IR spectrum); DWR (prevents impregnation of the material with moisture, oily substances).

• Linear dimensions of the product (H / W / T), cm - 12 x 8 x 5.

• Weight, g - 80.

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Pouch for hand grenades GP-01 with fastex MaWka ®
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