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INDIVIDUAL FIRST-AID KIT (ifak) ZA-03 Ranger Green

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First aid kit ZA-03 Ranger Green is an improved version of the pouch for placing an individual set of medicines and accessories designed to provide first aid during field exercises and in the performance of combat missions. The product will become a practical solution for supplementing equipment of special operation forces operators and military doctors. To buy a tactical first-aid kit in Ukraine at the most favorable price from the manufacturer, we suggest you right now take advantage of the convenient functionality of our virtual military office! For wholesale customers, special pricing conditions apply.

Key advantages of the model :

The individual first-aid kit has numerous advantages that make its acquisition a justified investment in one's own health, convenience and safety. Among the main positive qualities of the product are:

• Compact size. The overall dimensions of the pouch are not large, but there is enough space in the inner compartment to accommodate the necessary set of medical preparations, bandages, harnesses and other accessories that can save the life of a person who has to fulfill his military duty in extreme conditions.

• Functional compartments and reliable rubber bands. The developers of the Ukrainian company Velmet Armor System tried to make the most convenient and functional filling the tactical first aid kit. In the inner compartment there are elastic fasteners and several open-type pockets. Also there is an external patch pocket, closing on Velcro.

• Practical fixing system. If earlier models of tactical first-aid kits of our production were attached to cases for bulletproof vests, pouches under plates, backpacks, camera straps solely due to the elements of the universal Molle system, then in the new model, in addition to the usual realized original idea of ​​our designers - removable Velcro-panel, supplemented with reliable FASTEC. As a result, the fighter gets the opportunity to access the contents of the medical pouch as quickly as possible. The Velcro panel is attached to other components of the equipment with the help of the elements of the Molle system, and the pouch can be easily and quickly unfastened by pressing the FASTEX and unfastening it from the Velcro panel with one move.

• Durability. Individual first-aid kit, which can be bought in our military, is made of the original Cordura material, which has excellent consumer qualities and excellent wear resistance. At the bottom of the pouch is installed an eyelet for draining the liquid, which helps to prevent the pouch from filling with water during the crossing through water obstacles and using a tactical medicine cabinet under heavy rain.

•          Security. The individual first-aid kit of Special Forces has been treated with a special material that makes it indistinguishable in night vision devices, which allows the soldiers to remain undetected for a long time. Such a decision is extremely important when it is necessary to carry out reconnaissance operations in the immediate vicinity of the enemy's location.


Product Features

Material - Cordura 1000D

Overall dimensions - 200х150х50

Available Colors - Coyote Brown, Multicam, Ranger green

Weight - 0.1 kg

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