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Tactical S-02 G2 MARIO Med Pouch V-Camo

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First-aid kit pouch S-02 G2 MARIO improvement of the first-aid kit pouch S-02 for the purpose of unification of its more convenient use with belts like LP-TAC, Velbelt SF. The PALS panel is integrated on the front part of the bag, which allows you to attach additional pouches for tourniquets, scissors, multitools, etc. Fastening of the pouch on equipment is carried out by the MOLLE one semi-rigid clamp. This fastening system allows you to quickly drop the bag with one hand for further convenient access to medical supplies and medicines. Inside the first aid kit there are pockets and elastic bands to accommodate the necessary first aid.

Specification details of medical pouch S-02 G2 MARIO

  • 2 elastic bands on the back for fixing medical scissors
  • Velcro® textile fasteners on the inside of MOLLE cells for fixing on LP-TAC, Velbelt SF belts
  • semi-rigid frame of the back panel
  • inner quick opening tape
  • ergonomics of internal pockets and clamps
  • drainage hole
  • linear dimensions of the pouch (H / W / T (cm) - 19 x 8.5 x 6)
  • basic material Cordura® 500D
  • strong and reliable accessories Alpha Technology (Poland)
  • textile fasteners (Velcro®) Alfatex (Belgium)
  • water-repellent coating (DWR) materials
  • IRR material processing (invisibility in the IR range)

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Tactical S-02 G2 MARIO Pouch V-Camo
567 грн. 454 грн.

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