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Velmet Sitting Mat SM-1 Black

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Velmet Sitting Mat SM-1 Black is a practical solution for hikes, tactical exercises in rough terrain, and comfortable conditions during combat operations and breaks between activities. Such a care mat in a folding position will not take much space in a backpack. At the same time, it can protect the vital organs of human from the freezing that a long contact with the earth surface, concrete slabs, and wet grass can cause.

A compact military care mat designed by Velmet received the best reviews from experts and military personnel who have already applied it in real-time conditions. Do you need a care mat at affordable price? We strongly recommend looking at this model, presented in the catalog of Velmet.ua online store.

Advantages of a compact folding care mat :

A folding care mat, which you can buy in a few clicks by going to our functional military online store, has the following significant features:

  • Universality and functionality. A compact care mat can be placed vertically or horizontally. An elastic strap with a solid plastic Fastex buckle provides a reliable fixation of a care mat in different positions. A care mat easily turns into compact bedding that allows using it for different exercises in a laying position.
  • Usability and durability. We use a durable Cordure 1000 fabric for manufacturing a care mat, the price of which will not burden you with expenses. The modern artificial fabric serves as an additional inner layer that keeps the warmth, does not pass moisture through, easily attains the initial shape after laundry, and does not bring any allergic reactions. The thickness of layer is 10 mm.
  • Compact seize and small weight. The width of a care mat is 290 mm, and its length (in a folding position) – 380 mm, which is quite enough for settling oneself in a sitting position. In unfolding position, the length of care mat is 760 mm, which eliminates the contact of vital organs with cold and wet surface. The application of modern and synthetic fabrics maximum decreases the weight of care mat that makes this tool perform its functions well.

Buy a tactical mini-care mat in Ukraine

Velmet Armor System offers to buy a compact care mat, tactical clothing, equipment, armor elements by going to the website of a functional military online store. The production facilities of our company are located in Kmelnytskiy, but we are willing to arrange the delivery of goods to any region of Ukraine or abroad. A reliable transport company carries the delivery.

If you want to buy a care mat in Ukraine, all you need is to use our online store at Velmet.ua. In the shortest time, the representative of our company will contact you for clarifying the order details.

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Velmet Sitting Mat SM-1 Black
450 грн.