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Assault Back Panel ABP-01 Coyote

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Assault Back Panel ABP-01 Coyote - representens all trends in the development of tactical equipment series "STG" (Special Tactical Gear), namely - it is designed to place it on the back of the plate carrier (Perun 5-20 or all low-profile plate carriers of Perun series) during the CQB \ CQC assault operations. The bag is designed to carry additional equipment and ammunition.


  • The panel repeats the contour of the armor plate of the average size of 25 x 30 cm, which does not protrude beyond the dimensions of the plate.
  • Attachment of the panel on the back is carried out on the shoulder straps and the Velcro panel at the bottom of it (the system is unified with the Perun 5-20 line)
  • Semi-rigid inner panel of the main part of the bag
  • The inner pocket in the main part of the bag, (H / W / T (cm) - 30 x 25 x 2.5) which closes with a Velcro textile fastener.
  • Elastic laces on the side of the bag for attachment of additional equipment.
  • 3 volumetric compartments on the front of the bag
  • Top compartment (H / W / T (cm) - 15 x 23 x 14 x 2), which closes with a zipper and has a solid Velcro panel on the inside
  • 2 through-sized compartments (H / W / T (cm) - 8 x 23 x 7) each, which are closed by a fastex valve
  • 3 slings with system of regulation of width and volume of the compartments
  • weight 550 g
  • durable Cordura® 500D
  • strong and durable zippers made by Alpha Technology (Poland)
  • durable water repellent (DWR)
  • IR-compliant materials

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Assault Back Panel ABP-01 Coyote
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