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The history of the company Velcro BVBA begins in 1941. That is when its future founder, the Swiss electrical engineer Georges de Mestral, invented a unique Velcro fastener. Innovative development was officially patented in the mid-50s and quickly gained great popularity. Contact tape ("Velcro") works on the principle of burdock. One part of it consists of miniature hooks, the other - from mini loops. Gradually, contact fasteners have become a common alternative to more traditional buttons, zippers, and lacing.

Today, the word «Velcro» is the common name for this type of fasteners, and a trademark of the company is widely known in many countries. Velcro is considered the undisputed leader in the field of contact-type fasteners; the company also owns more than 400 active patents. The company includes well-known Belgian brands Alfatex (manufacturer of loops and hooks) and Gevaert (manufacturer of belts). Velcro management pays considerable attention to development, actively investing in research and development.

The popular Velcro lock attracts with an affordable price, security, ease of use, durability. The scope of use of Velcro fasteners is very wide - from the manufacture of sportswear and military equipment to haberdashery products, equipping football fields, fixing individual elements of wall panels. VELCRO hooks have found application even in agriculture, transportation, industrial cleaning.

Ukrainian manufacturer of military ammunition VELMET Company actively uses in its manufacturing process products of famous world brand. Practical and convenient Velcro fasteners are used in the manufacture of:

·               Karemat and seat mats

·               Pouches and harness

·               Bulletproof vests

·               Tactical bags and backpacks

·               Military clothing

Contact Velcro tape can be not only a convenient fastener, but also be used to attach identification marks on clothing and equipment. All products of the Velcro trademark are certified and meet all international safety and quality standards. Fasteners from the world famous brand can be seen on the clothes of famous athletes, military, rescuers, and astronauts. Thanks to the VELMET Company, high-quality products of the cult brand became available to Ukrainian customers.

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