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Target "Hostage" S

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When performing tactical and combat missions to special forces soldiers,officers of paramilitary security forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine,representatives security firms often have to face the need to to release hostages, which attackers can use as a "human shield". And, on how fast the reaction and accuracy of the shot will be, the life of another person depends, which places on the shooter huge responsibility.

Target "Hostage" S is a popular target equipment that provides practical and self-defence shooting skills. The usage of targets of this type is relevant in modeling situations where the conditional opponent is partially closed by an obstacle. The Ukrainian manufacturer Velmet Armor System offers its own variant of the hostage target, the price of which is much lower than that set on products of foreign brands, and the quality is according to high international standards.

Features Details

  • Reliable and comfortable stand. This target equipment from the Velmet manufacturer for convenient transportation and quick and convenient installation can be completely disassembled. The package includes a stand of high-quality metal, a target, 2 "tongues", and mounting hardware required for fixing the functional elements and "tongues" ​​of the target.
  • Durability. In the process of manufacturing targets, we use the ARM550-quality steel, which gets hardened by applying the Triplex technique. Moreover, it is not the metal plate but the target itself is processed. This method lets achieve the effect of soft metal under the hard cover. The firing target is equipped with round gongs with a diameter of 150 mm and a thickness of 10 mm
  • Sound effect  and a convenient mechanism for adjusting Hostage target "tongues",whose price is affordable for buying in the online store Velmet.ua, allows you to optimize the process of shooting training, maximum effiency to use the time allocated for practical training of shooting skills.

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5 172 грн.

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