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Popper classic S04

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Target popper belongs to the traditional target equipment, which is widely used for professional shooting galleries, training grounds for training and sports shooting, military training grounds. The main purpose - testing the accuracy of shots from different weapons (carbines, pistols, rifles). But the "flip popper" model is modified by a mechanism that raises an additional target.

VELMET manufactures a variety of steel popper targets, the price of which in Ukraine is one of the most affordable.

This model is a collapsible structure, transportation and installation of which will not create problems. Disassembling the metal popper target into separate compact parts makes it easy to transport and store.

This type of military equipment belongs to the steel targets of the falling type, after bullet contacts with the armored target, it falls is accompanied by a soud, what is a visual and audible confirmation of the accuracy of the shot (metal "tongue" of the target drops sharply). Falling, the main metal target sets in motion the mechanism of lifting the tubes in which the wooden beams are attached (included), at the ends of the bars you can attach an additional target paper, cardboard or any other at its discretion (additional target is not included). The wooden parts are much higher than the popper target, so the paper target, respectively, will be placed at a higher level, which will encourage the shooter to refocus for a second shot. The target returns to its original position manually.

Flipper poppers with an additional target are ideal for training and test shooting. The main target is able to withstand 1000 or more hits, as it is made of high quality armored metal. The manufacturer uses strong and reliable ARM550 steel, which has increased performance due to the innovative processing of "Triplex". Applying powder paint gives the target more contrast, makes it expressive on any background. The laconic shape of the stand gives the model even more ergonomics and convenience. Fastening is carried out by means of strong hinged connections.

It is not recommended to use cartridges with a steel core and armor-piercing ammunition. Also, before using the popper, you should carefully read the manual and select ammunition of the permitted caliber.

Today, metal targets in Ukraine are in high demand as one of the most practical types of target equipment.


  • The thickness of the ARM-550 armor element is 10 mm
  • The height of the popper target is 871 mm
  • The radial size of the popper is 150 mm
  • Dimensions of the main part of the installation (L / W) - 890 mm / 470 mm
  • The length of the wooden beam is 1500 mm
  • The weight of the target is not more than 27 kg.
  • Standard - IPSC, special training

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