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Target metal rib figure №6

Target metal rib figure №6

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The target metal rib figure №6 is practical and durable target equipment from the Ukrainian producer Velmet Armor System. Such stands are actively used for testing aimed shots during the field exercises and target grounds for sports shooting, professional shooting ranges.

The main advantages of the metal chest shaped target №6

The target equipment, which can be wholesale or retail purchased on the online Velmet.ua store, has the high strength and durability. We understand how important it is for the military personnel to have the modern equipment for training the precision shooting with a variety of weapons, so we set reasonable prices for a wide range of goods. In favor of purchasing the chest shaped target №6 from the progressive Ukrainian brand, we can name the following reasons:

  • Sound effect. The use of metal targets makes the training process be optimized. Even one fact, that there is no need to replace paper objectives constantly, gives significant timesaving. The sound effect of metal hitting can be considered as another advantage. It is hearable even if the position of the shooter and the instructor are at the impressive distance from the target.
  • Triplex hardening technology. Unlike other manufacturers of the target hardware, we first cut out the shape of ARM550 steel, and only then make it hardened. Our technologies have managed to improve the strength and durability of targets by applying the unique hardening technology - Triplex (hard layer – soft layer- hard layer).
  • Convenient stand. The metal chest shaped target, which you can buy in our virtual military store quickly and affordably, has good structure stability. The target includes ergonomically shaped stand. The elements are joined together by bolting.

Buy the target equipment in Ukraine

The purchase of target equipment in Ukraine at an affordable price can be done regardless of your current location. Velmet Armor System production capacities are concentrated in the city of Khmelnitsky, but we are ready to deliver the large and small batches of goods to other regions by reliable delivery services.

Our catalog presents robust body armor, tactical clothing and the target equipment. As a result, you can buy everything you need in one place without being interrupted from other important things. Would you like to clarify the details of an order? Contact the representatives of Velmet.ua online store by using the information from the contact page!

Overall dimensions:

· Width - 500 mm;

· Height - 500 mm;

· Thickness - 10 mm;

· The diameter of holes for fastening - 10 mm;

· Weight - 16 kg


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