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The hardened steel target (IPSC №1) 450*750

The hardened steel target (IPSC №1) 450*750

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The metal target (IPSC №1) 450*750 is suitable for equipping the professional shooting ranges, military grounds, conducting the field exercises. Velmet supplies the target equipment, which stands out by the best value for money, on the Ukrainian and European markets. The experts and active military personnel, who actively use steel targets for developing the skills of shooting with different weapons, have already estimated our gong targets. 

The main advantages of metal target (IPSC №1) 450*750

  • The sound effect makes the time for training more efficient. When a bullet hits the steel target, the distinct sound of metal hitting is heard. This feature helps to trace the accuracy of a shot, being at a considerable distance from a gong target.
  • The strength and durability, which has been achieved by applying the unique hardening technology – Triplex. The essence of the progressive method consists in the following: in the hardening process of a gong target, we get an external hard layer and a soft middle, which prevents the work surface from cracking. As a result, a target stands firmly the bullet strikes and does not require replacement for a long time.
  • Practical stand. The target (IPSC №1) can be attached to a solid metal stand by bolting. In order to avoid a rebound effect when shooting at the close range, the target can be installed at a slight angle.


Overall dimensions:

· Width - 450 mm;

· Height - 750 mm;

· Thickness - 10 mm;

· Weight - 22 kg

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The hardened steel target (IPSC №1) 450*750
2 900 грн. 2 523 грн.