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Target-GONG D200 U

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The hardened steel targets are aimed for train shooting. Due to special processing of metal, steel targets can give the resistance to a big amount of hits. They withstand a shot by lead bullet in a shell (7.62 * 39 7.62 * 54, 308, 223, 5.45 * 39), and with a steel core. (We do not recommend cartridges with a steel core for train shooting since this type of cartridge shortens the usage of a target) The technique of steel hardening is a particular feature of this target. There is a high hardness on the upper layer of steel from both sides, and a soft hardness in the middle of it. Micro cracks can be caused by a hit at a homogeneous solid hardened steel. Due to a soft middle of the target, our approach of hardening eliminates a possibility of this unwanted effect and contributes to a long-lasting use of a product.


  • Diameter - 200 mm
  • Thickness - 10 mm
  • Material - armored steel Velmet ARMOR ARM-550
  • Weight - 2,6 kg

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