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Target-GONG D200 (cr 140)

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schema_mishen_gong_d200_kr140The GONG D200 target (kr. 140) is a novelty from the designers of the Ukrainian manufacturer of target equipment and Velmet tactical equipment, which is a successful symbiosis of the standard round gong and spiral bracket-mount. Two technological solutions are implemented in the form of a cast design with decent consumer characteristics and excellent durability.

More about the advantages of D200 gong targets (cr. 140)

The gong target, the photo and draft of which is placed on the page, has the following advantages:

  • Suitable for use in closed shooting ranges, on military training grounds, in the field.

  • Sound effect. Each direct hit at the metallic target from any kind of weapon is accompanied by the sound effect of metal hitting. This helps to avoid the interruption of the training process and testing targets located at the distance from a shooter’s position.

  • Durability. Velmet  steel ARM550 is used to manufacture the target equipment. After giving the desired shape, a target gets hardened by using a special technology - Triplex, which allows receiving a metal target with a hard outer shell and softer inner layer. This target can long resist the shots without the formation of micro cracks on its working surface.

  • Convenient mounting, which is an indivisible, all-cast construction with the "tongue" of the target. Simplifies target fixation and extends equipment life. The upper part has a hole for fastening with a circuit, a rubber cord, hinges (dimensions on the draft).


  • Linear dimensions (H / W, cm -  338 x 200)
  • Thickness - 10 mm
  • Material - armored steel Velmet ARMOR ARM-550
  • Weight - 2,86 kg

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Target-GONG D200 (cr 140)
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