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Gong target Classic Popper

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schema_mishen_gong_popper_klassicheskiyA gong target Classic Popper is a sample of professional equipment, tested by time and military generation, and it is designed to shoot from the sport, and military weapons of various modifications.

Velmet offers reliable targets made of stainless steel at reasonable, cost-based prices. Our designers have improved the gong target Classic Popper, which can be purchased on our online store, and they made the equipment more solid and durable with the ability to withstand a dozen of direct hits!

The main advantages of the gong target Classic Popper

The target equipment, produced at our production facilities in Khmelnytsky, has the following advantages:

  • Sound effect. Each direct hit at the metallic target from any kind of weapon is accompanied by the sound effect of metal hitting. This helps to avoid the interruption of the training process and testing targets located at the distance from a shooter’s position.
  • Triplex hardening technique. In order to make the steel targets rather strong and durable, company engineers apply a special technique of metal hardening, which involves the formation of three layers: two hard and one soft. The last one is covered in a shell by hard layers. A soft layer of metal helps to prevent the working surface of a gong from the defects, associated with the formation of micro-cracks. This feature can significantly extend the service life of a target.
  • Secure support. The Classic Popper target for shooting consists of a metal gong and the traditional form of a solid metal base, which allows a convenient mounting of a target during the field exercises. A reliable bolting fastens functional elements together.

Buy the target equipment in Ukraine

We offer to buy the gong targets directly from the Ukrainian manufacturer. Velmet Armor System products have passed all the tests with honor and met the international quality standards. Durable gong targets, stands and installations will help you to organize a platform for efficient practice of the aimed shots from pistols, shotguns, rifles, rifled carbines.

In order to make your shooting practice in the field not only effective, but also safe, we recommend paying attention to the modern means of body armor. Do you have questions about products or making an order? Please contact the competent managers of Velmet.ua online store in the most convenient way for you!

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1 870 грн.

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