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The hardened steel machinegun target №10 а 1/2

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The metal machine-gun target №10a1 / 2 is a target equipment, produced in accordance with the domestic and international standards that are set for this type of product. The high-quality and reliable targets of Velmet is ideal for equipping the military training grounds, professional shooting ranges, air soft sites. The hardened steel target aims to get excellent results   during the precision shots from the weapons of different modifications. The Armed Forces of Ukraine and the competition organizers in sports shooting widely use the products of Velmet Armor System.

The main advantages of metal machine-gun target №10a1 / 2

The machine-gun target has a number of advantages among which are the following:

  • Increased resistance. We use ARM550 steel for manufacturing gong targets, the hardening of which is carried out by applying a special technology. The main feature of our products that makes them stand out in the Ukrainian market is that we harden already finished product, not just a designed sheet of metal.
  • Durability. Do you consider that the target equipment by definition cannot be durable? We are ready to convince you otherwise. Velmet Armor System technologists have discovered the secret of the longevity of targets specialized for training the aimed shots. This secret is based on a special hardening technology - Triplex. The soft middle remains between the hard layers of metal, which prevents the formation of micro cracks on the working surface of a gong target. As a result, this equipment will last much longer than the produced one by applying the traditional technology.
  • The sound effect. During training and competition, the paper or polyurethane targets bring lots of inconvenience such as a constant need to stop the shooting process for verifying the accuracy of hitting the target. The metal target, which you can buy on the online shop Velmet.ua, helps to optimize the preparation process of shooters. When a bullet hits the steel target, the sound of metal hitting is clearly hearable.

Buy the target equipment in Ukraine

Velmet offers to purchase the target equipment at nice prices. The catalog of Velmet.ua online store has a wide range of tactical equipment and tools, reliable and practical elements of body armor, tactical clothing, backpacks and bags. All products are manufactured at the Ukrainian facilities, which are located in Khmelnitsky.

We are constantly working on expanding the range of our virtual military store and we hope that you will find content items that can help in achieving your goals. It now takes a couple of mouse clicks to buy the metal target in Ukraine. The quality and availability of our products will pleasantly surprise you!

Overall dimensions:

· Width - 500 mm;

· Height - 370 mm;

· Thickness - 10 mm;

· The diameter of holes for fastening - 10 mm

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3 049 грн.

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