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Women's Tactical Pants "SlaWa Line" LTP-1 Black NYCO 50/50 IRR

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Women's tactical pants "SlaWa Line" LTP-1 - a new item in the line "SlaWa Line" of women's clothing  as casual tactical pants for representatives of various law enforcement agencies and fans of quality tactical clothing, which is optimal for women cut, high quality materials and accessories that provide maximum comfort and unpretentious care.

Model features of women's tactical pants "SlaWa Line"

The military combat pants of this model are sewn from Cordura NYCO 50\50 IRR fabric. The fabric is protected from UV, due to that the color does not burn out, as well as a water-repellent coating.

Among the advantages of the product are:

  • Slim fit
  • The presence of elements that ensure the optimal fit of the trousers on the figure of a fighter - elastic inserts in the waist and back of the product
  • The belt straps are placed in such a way as to conveniently fix the tactical belt and at the same time not create inconvenience with the placement of platforms with additional equipment.
  • Pants fasten with a zipper. Instead of the usual buttons and rivets flap with a textile fastener provided
  • Anatomical cut of the knee part, reinforced by an additional layer of fabric (increases the resistance of the product to mechanical effect and abrasion).
  • 2 front small mortise pockets that close with a zipper
  • 2 back inner pockets that close with a zipper
  • Two open-type mortise pockets on the sides at the top of the product;
  • Two patch pockets, fastened with Velcro velcro clasps, and a zipper, which provides the fastest access to their contents.
  • Additional reinforcement of entrances to the upper side pockets
  • Straps to adjust the size of the pants at the bottom of the product
  • Masks in the IR spectrum
  • Durable and reliable fittings Alpha Technology (Poland)
  • Textile fasteners (Velcro®) Alfatex (Belgium)

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2 346 UAH