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Tactical Boonie Hat TBH-S NYCO IRR Coyote

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Tactical Boonie Hat TBH-S - NYCO 50/50 IRR Coyote a practical headgear that will be a good addition to the tactical gear set designed to be used in a temperate, tropical, subtropical, equatorial or subequatorial conditions. Presented model of boonie hat is able to protect effectively the user from direct sunlight, weather conditions, insects. It is possible to equip the headgear with additional mosquito and camouflage elements.

The price of summer boonie hat from the Ukrainian manufacturer Velmet is economically economically feasible and available to a wide range of consumers. All hats and other products from the assortment of domestic brand meet the current military standards, can be used as equipment for fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, paramilitary security forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security Service of Ukraine, security organizations, as well as members of airsoft teams, tourists, hunters, fishermen, fans of the military style..

Key Product Features

Summer boonie hat, which you can buy in a few clicks, using the functionality of the virtual military store Velmet.ua, has the following design features and positive consumer qualities:

  • The NYCO 50/50 IRR Rip-Stop, which is nice to the skin, has high abrasion resistance and tensile strength (due to reinforced nylon filament) is used for tailoting the headdress.
  • Along the perimeter of the main part of boonie hat slings are sewn for fastening camouflage elements, structures that can protect from heavy rain and insect attacks.
  • Dense smaller width brims provide effective protection against direct sunlight and rainfall without compromising visibility and reducing viewing area.
  • The safety cord made of hypoallergenic material allows you to securely fix the headgear, prevent its spontaneous slippage in windy weather, while performing tasks in areas with dense vegetation, active movement on rough terrain. The cord is fixed under the chin with a safe plastic stopper.

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Tactical Boonie Hat TBH-S NYCO IRR Coyote
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