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Velmet Woman T-Shirt Polartec® Power Dry® Black

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A woman summer short-sleeved T-shirt Polartec® Power Dry® has excellent consumer characteristics, which makes it an actual solution for replenishing a set of home clothing, sports, everyday wear.

A summer field short-sleeved T-shirt made with Polartec® Power Dry® material which is designed to keep your skin dry during active movement. All fabrics in this series are a patented double-weave system that uses different threads on each side of the fabric. The result is two different surfaces, one of which is designed to remove moisture from the body, and the second - for its rapid evaporation.


  • Material - 100% Polyester (Polartec® Power Dry® )
  • Breathability and effective perspiration.
  • Classic model of  woman's T-Shirt
  • Flat seams that connect the elements of the sweatshirt and play a decorative role do not have an aggressive mechanical effect on the skin, which is especially true when it comes to underwear sets designed for use in hot climates.


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Woman Summer T-Shirt Polartec® Power Dry® Black
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