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Smock-jacket MARIO MaWka ® Raven NYCO 50/50 IRR

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Smock-jacket MARIO MaWka ® Raven - made in the form of a classic parka . The presented model meets the current military standards, satisfies the needs of the existing military personnel, representatives of the paramilitarized units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, SBU, private security agencies, etc.


  • For sewing used modern material 50/50 nylon / cotton (Cordura NYCO IRR) in camouflage MaWka ® Raven, which is identical in breathability to natural cotton, but not prone to rot, at low weight has high strength, durability, tear resistance. due to the introduction into the structure of reinforced threads.
  • The jacket is fastened with a reliable zipper, which is hidden under a textile valve with Velcro elements. The rack-collar is also fixed with a textile clasp.
  • The volume of the hood is regulated by two elastic cords with plastic fasteners. On the front there is a strap with Velcro to adjust the depth of the hood and give the element a compact look when folded. The design of the hood provides an additional short attic to provide more effective protection from rain, direct sunlight.
    On the front part of the jacket there are 4 pockets (2 slotted in the chest area, which are closed by "zipper locks", 2 volumetric, in the lower part of the parka, which are closed by claspes with textile fasteners).
  • The sleeves in the elbow area are equipped with compartments with a textile clasp to accommodate the protection elements. The cuffs are adjustable by straps with a textile clasp. In the shoulder part there are patch pockets with a clasp equipped with Velcro.
  • Next to the cuffs are a small inner pocket that closes with a zipper.
  • Under the sleeves are zippers that provide ventilation.
  • Cord-tie (elastic cord with plastic clamps) in the waist and hips allows you to form a silhouette of the product in accordance with the individua characteristics of the figure, providing optimal protection in windy weather and maximum comfort.

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5 949 грн.