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Body armor with soft ballistic protection HIDD-PRO

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Concealed Body Armor Vest HIDD-PRO - a new model of ready-to-use bulletproof vests with soft ballistic protection (UHMWPE - Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene). An ideal solution for a situation where you need to ensure the safety of a person, in a situation where you need to hide the fact of using a body armor. Due to its light weight and flexible armor element, it is convenient to wear it under clothes: shirt, jacket. Ballistic inserts in the area of ​​vital organs. One size fits all due to the elastic base material (basic model fits European size M - L). It is possible to make a bulletproof vest for individual sizes.

Ballistic inserts can withstand hits:

Pistol cartridge PM, 9x18 mm, cartridge "57-H-181s" in a steel jacket with a steel core, weight 5.9 g at a speed of 335 ± 10 m / s.

Pistol cartridge Luger, 9x19 mm, cartridge "FMJ RN SC", full-metal jacket with a soft (lead) core weight 8 g at a speed of 400 ± 10 m / s.

V50% protection - 582.8 m \ s

Bulletproof vest "HIDD-PRO" specification details

  • 1 class of protection according to DSTU 8782:2018, STANAG 2920 CLASSIFICATION OF PERSONAL ARMOUR. EDITION 3
  • ballistic material - UHMWPE Dyneema®
  • ventilation panels on the inside of the front and back parts of vest
  • the main material is Nylon Spandex
  • water-oil repellent coating (DWR) materials

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Concealed Body Armor Vest HIDD-PRO Black
8 000 грн.

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