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Pelvic Protector PELProtec M1 Ranger Green

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Ballistic groin protection is designed for individual protection of military personnel in the pelvic area and inguinal artery from combat injuries, as well as shrapnel damage from mines and grenades. Protection of the inguinal arteries plays an important role, and often even saves the lives of military personnel and law enforcement officers during combat missions. Indeed, in the event of a bullet or shrapnel wound, even a small splinter hitting the groin area provokes severe bleeding and is a threat to the life of a soldier.

The foamer reliably covers the pelvic organs and inguinal artery. Eliminates possible risks associated with rupture of the inguinal artery, which is very important, because it is often impossible to put a tourniquet in the pelvis and stop bleeding.

The anti-splinter fighter is a cover for placing a ballistic package of a soft armor element with dimensions up to 250 × 400 mm and provides cover for the inguinal and abdominal regions. Designed specifically for military and security personnel who performundefined combat missions. Provides maximum comfort, while not restricting movement. Protects against shrapnel and bullets in 2 class of protection in accordance with DSTU 8782: 2018.

Durability and reliability

Made of durable material, on the inner side it has a damper base covered with ballistic nylon, thanks to which it does not rub the body and performs a softened function during impacts, and also absorbs moisture.

Attached with elastic straps with velcro fixation on the inside and outside. Contains velcro panels on both sides. On the front side there are Molle loops for attaching additional equipment.

Velmet company constantly monitors the production process and uses only modern technologies. All offered products comply with European quality and safety standards.

You can find out more information about the available assortment of goods, terms of order fulfillment and cost by contacting the specialists of our company at the specified undefined phone numbers or email.


  • compatible with LP-TAC belt;
  • weight with armor element: 1,13 kg;
  • linear dimensions of the product: (H / W) 295 mm * 400 mm;
  • Niche dimensions for armor plate: (H / W) 250 mm * 400 mm;
  • main fabric: Cordura® 500D;
  • textile tape (Velcro®) Alfatex (Belgium);
  • water-mastic coating (DWR) materials;
  • IRR processing of materials (invisibility in the infrared range).

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