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Armor plate Velmet ARM-550 AX (250 х 300) Black

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Hard armor panel Velmet-ARM-550 AX is made of steel, covers the most important organs, provides convenience and comfort of use. Protects against shrapnel and bullets with powerful kinetic energy and completely eliminates Blunt Force Trauma.

Velmet has been producing this armor panel since 2014, and since then its design has undergone a number of upgrades. Today it is armor plate of 3 protection class in accordance with NIJ 0101.06. And its main armor elements are a damper pad and an anti-ricochet insert, thanks to which Blunt Force Trauma is equal to 0, and also provides a high degree of protection against damage. The plate is "Stand Alone" and made for use in lightweight body armor that does not have a stand behind the plate, which ensures minimal injury to the fighter.

The armor plate was produced for use in plate carriers. Suitable for all body armor used in NIJ 0101.06 size 250x300 mm, including body armor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There is a lightweight and extruded 10mm anti-ricochet panel, which significantly reduces the possibility of fragmentation after bullet fragmentation.

Plates for body armor can withstand hit of:

  • Dragunov SVD 7.62x54 57-N-323S (LBC): SPEED - (850 +/- 15) m/s, distance - 10 m.
  • AK-74M 5.45x39 7H10 (EPC): SPEED - (910 +/- 15) m/s, distance - 10 m.

Main characteristics:

  • NIJ 0101.06 Threat Level: III
  • weight - 3.18 kg;
  • length - 300 mm;
  • width - 250 mm;
  • thickness - 26 mm.

Velmet offers only high-quality and reliable armor plates, which you can buy by contacting us at the specified phone numbers or by sending an email to us. Our specialists are always ready to provide qualified advice, and if necessary, they can help with the selection of the required product.

We use modern technologies, and all our products meet quality control standards for strength and endurance. We work in accordance with European quality and safety standards.

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Steel Hard Armour Plate VELMET ARM-550 AX (250 х 300) Black
2 460 грн. 1 722 грн.

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