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Plate Carrier Perun 1М Ranger Green

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This bulletproof is the first generation of Perun system that is designed to avoid constraint movements during the use of it. Plate Carrier Perun 1 Ranger Green is adjustable in the height and width. There is a MOLLE system across the whole vest. This multi-purpose fastening system allows to conveniently place the necessary equipment, depending on the military operations. Armored plates can also equip the vest in the hexahedral shape with a standard size of 250-300 cm. Perun 1 also features mesh insets which help to keep it ventilated and comfortable in use.

Design characteristics:

Emergency release system of the vest

Evacuation Loop

Fabric - CORDURA - 1000D

Molle System - Polyamide

Velcro-tape (Velcro) – YKK

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1 442 грн.