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Blood Type Patch 25 * 80 (O-) Coyote

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Identification patch with blood type (O-) Coyote is a high-quality and reliable way to visualize the desired blood group name or inscription. Designation of a blood group in the AB0 system *

Characteristic of a tactical patch of a blood group (O-):

  • Linear dimensions (cm) (L / W) - 25 mm X 80 mm
  • Weight (g) - 4
  • Material - Cordura 500D, Velcro® textile Velcro, polymer

* - There are two systems for designating blood groups. In the first group of blood, they are denoted by Roman numerals I – IV, and in the second, by the Latin letters A, B and zero, the AB0 system. There are 4 main blood groups: I, or zero - I (0), II (A), III (B) and IV (AB). The possession of a particular blood group is determined genetically.

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20 грн.

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