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Belt Tactical VTB40 Black

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VTB40 Black Tactical Belts are gaining in popularity. Today this type of equipment is very popular among representatives of the security forces - military, police, private security companies.
Buying Tactical Belt will be a good solution for hunters, tourists and fishermen, as well as patriotic youth who like the military style. Using the convenient settings of our site, everyone can quickly fill out an application and buy military equipment at a bargain price.

Tactical waist belt made of thick nylon braid. The material attracts with its durability, ability to withstand large mechanical loads. Mostly the product is designed to carry holsters and pouches, but it can be adapted for many other purposes. High quality fabric does not change its color upon contact with water, ultraviolet rays. The VTB40 belt buckle buckle is made of durable nylon, provides easy adjustment and a durable connection. The accessories aremade of high-quality and impact-resistant polymer material, free of metal elements. This guarantees trouble-free passage of metal detection control when visiting secure areas, airports and other security zones.The rounded edges of the buckles are safe, which eliminates the risk of accidental scratches and mini-injuries. The VTB40 Tactical Belt is designed to be used as a trouser belt and also as an element of the Load Bearing Equipment.

Main advantages:

  • Availability in sizes: XXS(belt size - 60-70 см.), XS(70-80 см.), S(80-90 см.), M(90-100 см.), L(100-110 см.), XL(110-120 см.), XXL(120-130 см.)
  • Heavy-duty nylon withstands increased load
  • Durable nylon material, with special waterproof coating
  • The simple and reliable Velmet Plastix furniture
  • The buckle has rounded edges, guaranteeing safety and comfort.
  • No metal elements
  • Solid anatomical shapes of tactical belt from Velmet is very convenient
  • Belt resistant to temperature fluctuations, UV-light, mechanical stress

The tactical military belt is a practical and reliable ammunition for a wide range of security forces professionals, as well as for outdoor enthusiasts (hiking, hunting, fishing).

The manufacturer of tactical equipment TM "VELMET" offers its products at no extra charge for the payment of services of intermediaries. The format of the online store allows you to save on rental space and minimize staff, which makes tactical belt prices even more affordable.

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148 грн.

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