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Open pistol magazine pouch PM-1SF (Olive)

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An open pistol magazine pouch PM-1SF is a tactical accessory that will be appreciated by many people: active military, police, members of volunteer battalions, officers of security agencies, owners of personal weapons. The use of a specialized pouch gives the possibility to replace an old magazine into a new one in such extreme situations when every second of time counts.

Velmet Armor System has created its own version of such advanced equipment. It is possible to buy a magazine pouch of the Ukrainian brand by using our functional online store. We set the lowest possible prices on tactical gear, body armor elements, and the target equipment. At the same time, our products meet the highest national and European quality and safety standards. If you decide to upgrade your selection of tactical gear, it is time to go shopping on the pages of Velmet.ua store!

Pistol magazine pouch PM-1SF: advantages

A pistol magazine pouch, which can be bought on our online shop, features following advantages:

  • The pouch attains the shape due to the plastic inserts, which provide an opportunity to take the magazine off and put it back in a few seconds, if necessary! The manufacture of plastic elements is performed by a special technology of casting, which significantly improves their characteristics (in comparison to the plastic magazine, which is often under made by the manufactures of tactical equipment).
  • Quality and durable elements provide a reliable fixation. During active moves, it prevents from losing a magazine, which can play a crucial role in training or combat missions. The optimal level of fixation is achieved due to the elastic lace of pouch. The pouch set comes with a removable Velcro tape, which closes the pouch tightly. It can be attached to tactical belt or ALICE (all-purpose lightweight carrying equipment).
  • Durability. We use a modern Cordura fabric, which is all over the world and actively used in military garments, accessories, equipment, and high-quality accessories that allow us to get practical and resistant to wear accessory. The plastic we use to create a pistol magazine pouch is durable in low temperatures and mechanical action, which is tested in real-time conditions.

Buy a pistol magazine pouch in Ukraine

Velmet Armor System offers to buy tactical equipment in Ukraine at affordable, cost-based prices. In our catalog, there is a wide range of pouches for various purposes, among which you will find the accessory you need.

If you want to buy a pistol or submachine magazine pouch at the price from a manufacturer, without losing any time, please contact our managers to make an order. The delivery of goods to the regions by a reliable transport company is also possible!

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