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Bianchi's target set "6" (on wheels)

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The target system Bianchi 6 is high quality and durable equipment designed by the Ukrainian brand ─ Velmet Armor System. During the development of the target system, our designers have used all their experience, knowledge and skills. As a result, we have created an "eternal" target, which is ideal for continuous use in professional shooting range or military ground and it can withstand significant loads.

The benefits of target system Bianchi 6

The target Bianchi 6, the price of which is significantly lower than the price of foreign analogues, has many positive advantages:

  • Special technology of gong hardening. Strong and durable metallic gongs, the thickness of which is increased to 12 mm, serve as the action targets. In order to get a target with maximum resistance, the ARM550 steel circle of the desired shape is cut first and only then the product is hardened by a special Triplex technology, which involves the formation of a soft layer between layers of hard metal. Thus, it is possible to obtain a resisting product to the appearance of micro cracks that can lead to the complete surface destruction of gong.
  • Sound effect. When a bullet hits the steel target, the distinctive sound of metal hitting against metal is heard that makes the shooter not be distracted by checking the accuracy of shots. As a result, the shooters, who perform exercises using the installation Bianchi 6, show better results than those who use cardboard targets for the same period. Available sound effect also facilitates the work of judges in sports shootings.
  • Reliable stand with reinforced fasteners. In manufacturing Bianchi target system, many producers apply simple tubes, which connect only welds. As a result, a stand with fastenings for targets, being under severe dynamic loads, may fail earlier than steel gongs. The target systems, which can be bought on our online store, have a stable stand of quality metal. The gong targets are attached by reinforced fasteners that look like metallic round shaped elements, subjected to milling.

Buy the target equipment in Ukraine

Are you interested in buying functional and durable target hardware directly from the manufacturer? The Velmet.ua online store is the right place to buy a steel target Bianchi 6, other target stands, gongs in a few clicks, without interrupting important tasks.

Do you hesitate to make your choice? Our consultants will help you to choose the necessary equipment for arranging the professional shooting range, military range, air soft site. You can buy the targets and gongs in Ukraine at competitive prices that comply with high quality products. In case of acquaintance with a full range of products, please use the functional website of Velmet.ua online store!

Overall dimensions:

· size 950х1800х1600 mm.

· Weight - 120 kg

    Lasts forever with handgun ammunition
    Great sound with every hit!

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