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Gong target Сombat Snіper 280*500

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The target system Combat Sniper 280 * 500 * 10 mm is practical, durable, functional equipment made by the progressive Ukrainian brand ─ Velmet Armor System. The system is designed to improve the practical shooting skills with a sniper rifle. If necessary, the steel target can protect the soldier from the bullets fired from a 338-caliber rifle.

The main advantages of the target system Combat Sniper

The target system Combat Sniper, which is possible to buy at economically reasonable price on Velmet.ua online store, has such good features as:

  • Sonority. The sound of metal hitting against metal can be heard perfectly from the position of a shooter. This feature allows a productive workout with a minimal time loss.
  • Durability. All structural elements are made of stainless steel. The target gets hardened straight after attaining the required shape, which can significantly improve its performance features.
  • No microcracks effect! All target equipment, produced at our company facilities, gets hardened by applying the Triplex technique. In the process of hardening, the top layer of metal gets the desired hardness, and the middle remains soft. This method can prevent formation of cracks on the working surface and therefore extend the lifetime of the system.
  • Practicality. We have improved the design of a stand, so users no longer need to worry about the periodic replacement of fasteners.

Buy the target equipment in Ukraine

Do you need a reliable and durable target system for shooting? On Velmet online store you will get a help to choose the equipment that best meets your needs! As we are focused on long-term cooperation, we take into account all the needs of customers and constantly work on the improvement of our products.

 Buy Combat Sniper target system and the target stands in Ukraine can now, without looking up from performing other critical tasks. Velmet Armor System has prepared favorable conditions of cooperation for wholesale and retail customers. Competent managers of our online store are always ready to respond promptly to the questions of new and repeat customers!

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3 710 грн.

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