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Sniper Backpack Ubert Coyote

8 008 грн.

The sniper backpack Ubert Coyote is a development of VELMET company to carry a variety of equipment, personal weapons, which are used on shooting ranges, as well as during tactical tasks and training. The sniper's backpack has an ergonomic design with a well-thought-out interior to accommodate a variety of gear. The internal contents of the backpack are effectevely protected from the loss of personal equipment, each sector is closed by a zipper or claspes with fastex, providing quick and easy access. The central part and side panels are equipped with MOLLE fastening system, which is perfect for various combinations of placement of pouches and elements of individual equipment, taking into account personal preferences and features of the combat mission. Additional convenience is provided by portable handles, a removable belt, fastex fasteners, drawstrings, etc. Mesh inserts make even prolonged wear comfortable, prevent rubbing and squeezing the body.


  • the backpack consists of a main compartment and a weapon compartment that can be carried and used separately
  • overall size (H / W / T (cm) - 125 x 35 x 30)
  • removable shoulder straps and backpack belt making it possible to use them separately with each part of the backpack
  • ventilation panels on the shoulder straps and back of the backpack
  • chest and waist couplers, which are placed 3 rows of PALS cells
  • main branch:
  • size (H / W / T (cm) - 60 x 35 x 30)
  • opens from the outside on the zipper
  • the compartment is divided into 2 parts by a removable partition on Velcro®
  • inside 12 cells of different sizes with elastic bands on top
  • 2 slings with fastex for reliable fastening of equipment to a back wall of branch
  • PALS cells on internal panels
  • 2 mortise pockets on the side of the backpack, size 50 x 20 cm.
  • 2 side pockets on the side of the backpack, which close with a valve with fastex, size 50 x 20 cm.
  • outer side pockets, size 20 x 20 cm.
  • 2 fasteners with fastex on the sides of the backpack for reliable fixing of equipment
  • Velcro® panel for identifiers, size 5 x 10 cm.
  • upper pocket on the zipper lock, size 18 x 25 x 8 cm.
  • lower pocket on the lock - "zipper", size 18 x 25 cm.
  • outer pocket on the front panel, size 33 x 19 cm
  • weapons compartment:
  • the total length of the weapon that can be placed - more than 120 cm due to the adjustable height of the upper valve
  • removable upper valve which is hidden inside the main compartment
  • insert with Hypalon at the bottom of the backpack for extra protection of the contents
  • lock- "zipper" at the bottom for quick access to the contents of the compartment
  • 2 holes for hydrator hose, antenna, etc.
  • basic material Cordura® 500D
  • durable and reliable fittings 2M (Italy) and Alpha Technology (Poland)
  • textile fasteners (Velcro®) Alfatex (Belgium)
  • water-oil repellent coating (DWR) materials
  • IRR material processing (invisibility in the IR spectrum)

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Sniper Backpack Ubert Coyote
8 008 грн.