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Military Summer Balaclava Black

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Military Summer Balaclava Black is a tactical multifunctional accessory that is in demand among active servicemen, representatives of the paramilitary security services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine, as well as among professional athletes, tourists, extreme sportsmen, members of airsoft teams, fans of military-style clothing.

Tactical balaclava: key advantages:

  • Multifunctionality. The product can be used:
    • as a individual headgear;
    • as a comfortable scarf that does not fall and does not untie;
    • as a protective mask in heavily dusty terrain;
    • like kerchiefs, bandanas it absorbs sweat well, provides ventilation and protects from direct sunlight;
    • as a cap comforter, which prevents overpressure and rubbing of the skin with rigid helmet construction elements.
  • Balaclava is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastan with a special interlacing of threads, they do not interfere with air exchange and perspiration, which provides protection from wind and dust, minor precipitation.
  • Flat seams. All connections are made by special technology, using modern sewing equipment and high-quality threads. In use, the product does not damage the skin by friction, does not cause itching, tingling, uncomfortable pressure, provides the most comfortable use in hot climates.
  • Durability and environmental safety. The material has a sufficient level of durability and abrasion resistance, light and elastic, pleasant to the skin.

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120 грн.