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Velmet T-Shirt V-TAC - Specialman Black

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T-shirts from the series of prints "ENEЇDA" - Author's exclusive calendar in the style of SOF-modern from Velmet. Drawing - Specialman.

A summer field short-sleeved T-shirt (high-quality 100% cotton) has excellent consumer characteristics, which makes it an actual solution for replenishing a set of military equipment, sports, everyday wear.


  • Material - 100% Cotton
  • Breathability and effective perspiration.
  • It does not constrain movements. The semi-fitted silhouette model is comfortable in operation.
  • Flat seams that connect the elements of the sweatshirt and play a decorative role do not have an aggressive mechanical effect on the skin, which is especially true when it comes to underwear sets designed for use in hot climates.


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423 грн.

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