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Summer camouflage ghillie suit 3D

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Summer 3D camouflage suit is made in the form of a light cape that is comfortable to wear, has excellent masking properties and does not hinder movements, which is especially important when performing tactical tasks involving active movement in rough terrain. The novelty from the Ukrainian brand Velmet will be a successful addition to the tactical equipment of the military personnel. Experienced hunters, fans of reconstruction games, members of airsoft teams will appreciate this outfit.

Advantages of a Velmet camouflage suit

  • Simple and free cut allows you to easily and quickly put a cape on the main set of equipment. At the same time the product provides a shortened zip-lightning, elastic fasteners on the edge of the sleeves and hood, which prevent the slippage of the suit that threatens to expose its owner.
  • Buy a summer camouflage 3D suit is the best variant for a hot, dry summer. The product is made of nylon mesh material, which provides excellent breathability and dries quickly in case of getting wet. Camouflage elements consist of small pieces of camouflage fabric colors and are close to the natural shades of forest vegetation, securely sewn to the mesh base, which ensures the durability of the product.
  • The suit is equipped with a voluminous hood that easily hides an army helmet or tactical protective helmet underneath and provides protection from light rainfall.
  • The shortened front-part of the cape does not limit the functionality of the plate-carrier, platform vest, jacket or combat jacket.
  • For the manufacture of the suit  are selected according to the specifics of its operation. The fabrics are light and durable, almost with no "rustling" effect, which allows the fighter to change position without the risk of being identified by a real or conditional opponent.

Buy a camouflage 3D costume from Velmet.ua

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2 496 грн.